My Twitter bio provides a fairly accurate description of who I am:

UX Design Lead at JP Morgan Chase. iPhoneographer. Ableton Pusher. Coffee enthusiast. Creator of the Diegoccino™
— @ixDiego

This description encapsulates most the things I'm most passionate about:


Design and Technology

Of all the different names currently applicable to what I do, I subscribe to the term Interaction Design (or "IxD" --hence my Twitter handle).

I am most particularly passionate about working with and designing for mobile.

Mobile UX is mainly what I've written articles about; focused on for side projects and taught classes on at General Assembly in Austin, TX and New York City.

It is fair to say Steve Jobs literally changed my life when he introduced the iPhone onstage in 2007.

This is also reflected in my current position as a UX Design Lead at JP Morgan Chase, where I work designing and supporting Chase's recently launched mobile payment app: Chase Pay.

I also lead a small sub-team of designers within Chase's "Digital Customer Experience" group focused on merchant partnerships, future concepts, and a mobile design system to extend Chase products & services beyond mobile apps. 

(You should drop me a line if you want to know more about other things I'm currently up to as a designer. You can also read more about the evolution of my career here).

Lastly, I am helpless early adopter

Whether is the latest smart watch, connected sunglasses, synthesizer or head-mounted gadget, I'm usually the first one among my friends & colleagues to have it. As a designer, this makes me happy and yields constant learning and entertaining opportunities (with the occasional mishap here & there).



Most particularly iPhoneography: the practice of taking, crafting and editing photos only using an iPhone.

iPhoneography has changed the way I look at my everyday surroundings. With my iPhone always with me, I'm constantly ready to shoot --specially in a city like NYC whereevery street and every corner is full of photo-ops.

But the real fun begins "in post-production". The vast range of photo-editing apps available on the AppStore is what makes the very essence of iPhonoegraphy. It has expanded my creativity levels in why I can't recall experiencing before. It's something I love so much I've even taught classes on it in the past.

Where does it all end up? Wherever the best & most inspiring community of photographers is: Instagram

There is a reason Instagram is part of my Twitter bio: it's my go-to sharing platform/messaging app/home of inspiration for photography & many other things. It is also an unparalleled point of discovery for my work since I'm able to simply use my first name as my Instagram identity. 

For my latest Instagram activity, along with other places where my photos live, please visit the Photography section on this site.



Not just drinking it. I also love experimenting with different ways of making it. 

I'm from Colombia and lived in Italy. Go figure...



I've played guitar since 1996. I've recorded a few songs here and there along the way. Despite playing for many years, I have never live for an audience --except for that one time with Rachael Yamagata... 

I also produce electronic music. I mostly use Ableton Live with a Push controller for composing and performing, as well as anything in the Roland AIRA family of synthesizers.

(You should follow me on Instagram to watch clips of the songs I've made with my AIRA synths --or catch me right as they are being created on Instagram Live).

I have also taken a similar approach to music making as I have with iPhoneography: composing and producing music by only using an iPad.

These "mobile-only" tracks are special. Many of them have been created under a self-imposed constraint: usually coming to life within the duration of a flight or train ride when I'm traveling. 

Much like with mobile interaction design, I used the power of constraint to prioritize, simplify and focus on what's important for these tracks. The result is a collection of songs I'm the most proud of to date.

You can listen to some of these iPad-only tracks in the Music section of this site. 


The only things I wasn't able to fit in my Twitter bio were my passions for traveling and learning foreign languages.

Up until now, I have visited 34 countries. I certainly plan on continuing increasing that number

I have previously lived in Bogotá (Colombia), Reno (NV), Pau (France), Turin (Italy), Indianapolis (IN), Austin (TX) and New York City. These cities are responsible for my current fluency in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

I'm not planning on living in Germany or Japan anytime soon, but I am certainly planning on learning those languages as well.