SXSW 2017 Quick Notes: Day 2

  • Started the day with "Ready or not: the boys have risen". I asked the panel how traditional web/mobile designers like me could do to better prepare for this platform. The panel expressed how important designers are for this space. They also said: "just start doing". 
  • PRained for most of the day. Pretty sure Silicon Valley (and Seattle, why not?) brought their weather to Austin. 
  • Hung out with some of my best Austin-based friends. Again. 
  • Next up was "Payments gone viral: the rise of social commerce". Naturally, a relevant talk for a designer in FinTech, interested in conversational user experiences like me. I asked a question about where did web-based banking platforms fit in the "Point-of-Sale" space. The answer was not to compete with already established forms of payment that merchants were not willing to adopt. Instead, look for disrupting and evolving other aspects around POS payments.
  • Next up, it was "A field of human & digital interactions. 
  • At he end of the "business day", I met Tim Ferriss at his book signing. I've been following his work for quite some time. It was quite an honour. I also asked him to write the dedication in the book in Spanish. 
  • The ended with sushi with some of my favourite people at my favourite sushi restaurant --ever: Uchiko.