#DiegoRecommends: "This Will Make You Feel. Good."

Throughout the last couple of years, I've been compiling songs that simply make me feel good when I listen to them. I've tested them with other people and they have always had the same effect.

I've collected them into a playlist you can now enjoy at your own leisure.

These are song that simply remind me of sunny days and good vibes.

There is something about the BPM and bass lines that most of these songs share. There certainly is a pattern common to most song in this playlist. I'm sure you'll see (hear?) what I mean once you take a listen.

The list is also bound to grow, so if you're a Spotify user, follow it and see it evolve throughout time.

And for those of you who are MUSIC subscribers (for better or for worse), here's a link to the same playlist that will play directly inside your precious Cupertino-designed apparatus.