Vertsumption is the name of an iPhone application design I've created for an independent study in my Human-Computer Interaction Masters programme at IUPUI.

The concept behind Vertsumption is based on an enviromentally-friendly principle: that of shaping the behaviour of consumers and how they go about consuming products on a daily basis. This would be done by giving Vertsumption users a number of "Green Points" depending on how they demonstrate they are "consuming green".

This is, of course, based on an full (but fictional) "business model". Green Points are earned by consuming certain green products at various businesses ofering products officially approved by Vertsumption. Green Points are reedemable for green goods in order to generate a constant source of motivation to keep green consumer practices and have a less harmful impact.

You can read this project's final paper for more in-depth information.

The idea behind this project was to design the interaction and user inteface of a "green" iPhone application. In order to produce it, a conceptual model was developed upon which the design of the application's main menu was based.

A series of sketches, paper prototypes and two iterations of high-fidelity prototypes were developed throughout the process of this project. An online album contains all of these images, organized by the main menu item and use case they belong to.