Chase Pay is Live!

I moved to New York City 15 months ago from Austin, Texas.

The reason was primarily professional: I was offered a position as a UX Design Lead at JP Morgan Chase. I was told the main goal of the design team that was being built was to ship a native mobile payment app called Chase Pay.

It was released in the Apple AppStore and Google Play store today.

For all Chase customers, Chase Pay It's a point-of-sale payment app. It's a digital form of payment for various eCommerce sites. It's a service that will allow you to order ahead at restaurants, and more.

It is also one of the most important product releases I've ever been a part of.

Throughout all this time, I have worked on various aspects of this app with an incredibly talented group of designers, many of them very young and right out of college. I am constantly inspired and impressed by the work thy share during our weekly design critiques.

Chase Pay's home screen (iOS)

Chase Pay's home screen (iOS)

The team I lead (which I've named "Team Future" since our projects live in a future time line compared to the rest of the group) has been focused on "merchant relations": everything & anything involving how other merchants integrate with Chase Pay (or the way around).

One of the integrations my team worked on was with Starbucks: both as a featured merchant inside the Chase Pay app, and as a top-of-wallet payment option to reload the rewards card in the Starbucks mobile app. This integration is part of the initial launch of the app and available to use, starting today.

I'm excited to see all the work we've put into this app finally roll out to all the many Chase users in the U.S. It's the largest bank in the country, therefore the level of impact is considerable. This makes our job remarkably exciting. Every day.

However, this is only the beginning. Chase Pay is currently accepted at participating Starbucks and Best Buy stores, but more merchants coming soon like Shell, Phillip 66, Walmart and ShopRite, among many others.

This is not all. In the next coming months, Chase Pay will continue to grow with features and services that Chase customers will be really glad to have at their disposal. We've been working hard at those too and can't wait to see them out in the wild.

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