I love the new MacBook Pro with Emoji Bar! I won't be getting one.

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is... amazing. 

It really is "the best MacBook Pro they've ever made" --when isn't it? 

Besides the all-metal casing; a brighter retina display and having the same keyboard I've grow to love with my 12'' MacBook, Apple has introduced a touch screen above the keyboard. It offers the ability to have all sorts of contextually-relevant options available, depending on the software you're running.


This announcement may have appeared underwhelming to some people when comparing it with all that Microsoft announced that same week (which in is all incredible), but I can really see the benefit of using Touch Bar throughout everything I do with my Mac.

Never struggle finding that pensive "Hmmm" emoji again. Touch Bar will also strengthen Heidi's " Emoji Analysis " theory.

Never struggle finding that pensive "Hmmm" emoji again. Touch Bar will also strengthen Heidi's "Emoji Analysis" theory.

Some might wonder why Apple hasn't gone the route of offering a laptop with a touch screen. Other might argue that the iPad Pro is Apple's answer to such ask. 

I'm personally not concerned with the lack of an Apple computer that competes directly with the Microsoft Surface. I trust Apple to release changes in hardware (and overall interaction paradigms) when the needs and desires are there, and whenever the market is truly ready for it. 

Google, Microsoft and Samsung (among a few others) have "beaten" Apple to market with certain features or specs: wearables, tablets, multitasking on Android...etc. Yet, somehow when Apple releases what others might have had for some time, the end result is a great product with a great experience. Most times.

I find the addition of Touch Bar to be not only a great addition to how people utilize a laptop, but also a great first step toward blending the worlds of "touch screens" and "traditional computers" together. The larger part of Apple's offerings are all tough-screen based, so I don't doubt that future is not far from today.

I find Touch Bar to be a great "in-between" step towards an all-touch PC world before we all start smudging our Mac's screens with our greasy fingerprints.

In conclusion: I want a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar!

Sadly, I won't be getting one anytime soon.

Why? Because for the first time since I converted to Mac back in 2006, Apple has released a product that doesn't fit in my life.

I have always upgraded to the latest and greatest with Apple: I recently went from Apple Watch to Series 2; from iPad to iPad Pro; from iPhone 6S to iPhone 7. I've even done the same with MacBook Pro's in the past.

But here's my problem. I use my MBP as my "desktop" replacement. This means I never take it out, it's always plugged in and it's constantly being used with external peripherals: large display, bluetooth keyboard and touch pad. I never use it as the laptop it actually is. When I felt I needed one, I bought a MacBook 12''. Problem solved (and I love it!)

This is my road companion.

This is my road companion.

So, why is this a "problem" in the context of the new MBP with Touch Bar? 

I would never use it! 

Right now, I wouldn't by a 13'' MBP with Touch Bar because of the photo you see above. I wouldn't buy a 15'' MBP with Touch Bar because I'd still use it as a desktop replacement and would never benefit from the Touch Bar itself. 

Finally, my MBP 15'' has all it's spec maxed out (possible at the time), so even when it comes to what's inside, I can't justify getting one just yet.

I find this new MacBook Pro to be the best possible laptop to own right now --if it is indeed,  to be used as one. I won't be using a laptop that's not my 12'' MacBook for some time, so it might be a while before I'm able to spend far less time choosing emojis when I'm iMessaging from my Mac.

All of this makes me think: how long before Apple adds Touch Bar to every laptop?

Better yet: how long before Touch Bar (or something like it) comes to the iMac? or simply as a peripheral, perhaps even included in the next version of the "Magic Keyboard"?

Now, that would really make it feel more "magical".