Teaching "Mobile UX" at General Assembly (Again!)

In 2015, I had the opportunity to teach what I do for a living (User Experience Design) at General Assembly in Austin. Nine months after moving away from Texas, I get the opportunity to do it once again --this time in New York City.

Teaching has been a constant throughout my life in over a decade. It is something I enjoy and find thoroughly rewarding.

I started tutoring Spanish, French & Italian back when I was an undergrad student at University of Nevada, Reno. Some time after that (before I started my MSc. in Human-Computer Interaction), I taught medical Spanish to nurses at the Heart Center in Indianapolis. But it wasn't until last year that I finally had the chance to teach one of my life's passions: UX Design.

When General Assembly arrived in Austin, TX., I was very excited and immediately got involved with them. I knew GA from years before,  as I had previously been a part of a couple of their events back when I first had lived in New York --namely one Foursquare Hackathon.

General Assembly was looking for a one-time/informational class focused on UX Design on mobile devices. Given that UX/Interaction Design is what I do and Mobile is where I like to do it most, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to go back to yet another thing I love to do: teaching.

I taught this class a handful of times. I really enjoyed it! The Austin tech community is not big, but what they lack in numbers, they have in drive and hunger. It was a real treat to teach there.

I was sad to leave Austin's GA campus once I moved away, but I never discounted the possibility of teaching this class again where General Assembly itself started: New York City.

This Wednesday, for the first time at GA's headquarters, I have the honour to share this class with the big & diverse tech community of New York. I am really excited to do this again. Here!

So, if you live in New York; if you are part of the tech community in this great city (or wish to be); if you are an interaction Designer, product manager, front-end developer, or simply interested in what UX is and how it is done for the omnipresent field of mobile, join me at General Assembly in New York City this Wednesday night March 11.

Hope to see you there!